Project details

The project is designed to be a learning center for people who is interested in investment especially young children. It has a collaboration of Many partners Securities Platform, Trading Platform Vendor, universities and insurance companies, as well as investment advisory companies. Currently, the project has been implemented for more than 5 years with over 200 students from 8 leading institutions.

Project overview

Wealth Thai Academic Center is an internship and cooperative education. This is an opportunity for students from 3rd to final year. Working in the financial profession with the support of various sectors such as securities companies, Trading Platform Vendor, universities and insurance companies, as well as investment broker companies and investment advice. Students will also have the opportunity to visit various partner companies. The project will focus on teamwork. Applying new innovations to get the most out of your work, including the use of Start-Up Models.

Project Objectives

1. To provide opportunities for students who are studying or have recently graduated to study and learn from work experience. Including career path.
2. Guidance and Promotion working Extras Especially new careers Just opened

Project timeline

At least 2 months and not more than 4 months

The benefits that the participants receive.

1. Knowledge and practical experience as workers.
2. Get rewarded based on the project value that can be achieved.
3. Participants who pass the required criteria will receive a certificate of the project.
4. Opportunity to work immediately after graduation (Fast Track)..

Jobs for trainee

Hi-Brid Field

Fin-tech Development Trainee (FT)
Digital Marketing Trainee (DM)
Multimedia Creator Trainee (MC)
Investment Consultant Trainee (IC)
Real Estate Development Trainee (RD)

Information Technology

Web Development Trainee (WD)
Infrastructure Maintenance Trainee (IM)
System Engineer Trainee(SE)
IOT Engineer Trainee (IO)

Finance Field

Financial Support Trainee (FS)
Financial Product Analyst Trainee (PA)

Management Field

Human Resource Trainee (HR)
Management Accounting Trainee (AC)

Marketing Field

Marketing in Finance Trainee (MF)

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Qualifications of Applicants

1. 18-29 years old
2. University students from 3rd to final year or bachelor’s degree holder with no more than 1 year.
3. enthusiastic, good human relations
4. Have an interest in investment and financial planning.
5. Other features as specified.

Procedure for joining the project

1. Fill in the application form by click here.
2. Those who passed the first round. The staff will select the candidates and contact them to arrange an interview.
3. Announcing the list of qualified candidates on the website.
4. Applicants must follow the procedures of each institution to participate in the program.

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