Our History


Wealth Thai Project was established in 2011 with cooperation between N-tec Business Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the leader in software company, and securities companies, the leading company from South Korea. The objective is to develop the learning and investment center for promoting and educating investors about securities investment and derivatives through the Internet.


– Wealth Thai had added Financial products about bond and fund product.


It was established the Tae-Han Young Investor Club (now known as the Wealth Thai Academic Center) that provided financial and investment knowledge for students from various higher education institutions and The Stock Exchange of Thailand


It was Established a department for developing and researching technology in finance and investment (Fintech). In order to improve the efficiency of customer service, we have developed Customer E-Service as one stop service.


Wealth Thai has restructured its strategy by focusing on private customize Solutions for the needs of larger investors.


Wealth Thai Expert Agent has been established for people who interested in Financial Planning and Investment services.


– The Wealth Thai Training Center has changed its internal structure. By separating Total Wealth Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd as a learning resource for financial planning and investment also Financial Technology (Fin Tech) under Wealth Thai brand.
– Wealth Thai Training Center was set up as a learning center. For those who are interested in investment and starting a business.